Oil painting tutorials

Learn to oil paint

Learn to oil paint: oil painting is a wonderfully versatile medium that can be used with a variety of techniques. The benefit of oil paint is the vivid and lustrous results that can be achieved. In these tutorials, find guides on the best supplies, information about colour theory, tutorials on different techniques and how to put your knowledge to practice.

How to start oil painting

To start learning to oil paint as a beginner, first learn about the different supplies you need in this tutorial. To get an idea of how to get started with the medium, refer to our oil painting for beginners tutorial. If you want to further your skills and learn some more in depth knowledge, read up on colour theory, how to mix colour and how to paint realism.

How to Choose a Pigment for Imprimatura

How can the pigment used in an imprimatura or ‘toned ground’ affect your painting. Learn how to use a toned ground to complement your work.

The Blocking In Technique for Oil and Acrylic Painting

The blocking-in technique is used as the very first step in the painting process by many artists. Learn how to use this method to start your painting.

What Colours Do You Need for Oil Painting?

This guide outlines a limited primary palette that will help you create the greatest range of clean colour mixes possible.

How to Tone a Canvas for Oil and Acrylic Painting

Learn how to tone a canvas or any other type of surface to prepare it for painting. Discover what the benefits of this technique are and how to apply it.

Impasto Painting Technique

Learn how to use the impasto technique to create paintings with oil or acrylic that have brilliantly vibrant, textural effects.

The Glazing Technique for Oil Painting

Learn how to use glazing in oil painting. Discover what glazing is, the supplies you need and how to use the technique to get the best results.

A Complete List of Oil Painting Techniques

Learn 12 techniques to improve your oil painting skills.

Plein Air Painting Tutorial: 9 Tips for Painting Outside

Plein air, or painting outdoors is an invigorating experience. Read these 9 tips so you can feel prepared when you next take your easel out.