Watercolour Painting Tutorials

Learn to watercolour paint & improve your skills

Watercolour painting tutorials for complete beginners, intermediate artists and professionals who want to improve their skills. Find supplies guides, brand reviews and techniques tutorials in the list below.

How to start watercolour painting

It’s easy to get started with watercolour painting, as the supplies are relatively inexpensive. To learn the basics of watercolour, the essential supplies and techniques, and to understand how to mix colour, read our watercolour for beginners tutorial.

The Best Watercolour Paint Brands: A Comprehensive Review

Discover the best watercolour paint brands and the differences between each in this comprehensive guide.

Best Watercolour Paper: A Review

Discover the properties that make for a great watercolour paper and read reviews of the best brands available.

The Best Watercolour Sketchbooks: A Review

The best watercolour sketchbooks for artists—a review of five different sketchbooks from some top quality brands.

Watercolour Mediums: A Comprehensive Guide

Use watercolour mediums to change the working properties, finish, solubility and texture of watercolour paint.