Pencil Art: Drawing Tutorials

Learn how to draw

Drawing tutorials for complete beginners, intermediate and professional level artists. Find brand reviews, supplies guides, techniques lessons and tutorials on how to get started with coloured pencil in our list.

How to draw for beginners

Before learning some of the basic drawing skills and techniques, learn about the kinds of supplies you need. Refer to our drawing supplies guide for beginners to learn more. Read our guide on how to get started with coloured pencil.

40+ Sketchbook Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Get inspired to draw and paint with these 40+ fun sketchbook ideas.

The Best Drawing Exercises to Improve Your Skills

One of the best ways to improve your sketching skills quickly is by practising a variety of drawing exercises.

What is Value in Art?

By learning how to mix colours with accurate values, artists can create more realistic and successful paintings.

Charcoal Drawing for Beginners

Charcoal drawing for beginners: choose your supplies, learn the different techniques and find inspiration for your work.

The Best Pencil Sharpeners for Artists

Sharpeners come in many different formats and price points, the best pencil sharpeners reduce waste and create a fine precise point.

How to Create a Drawing on Black Paper

Drawing on black paper is a totally different experience to drawing on white paper. The finished results can look unique with striking contrast. 

How to Seal a Charcoal Drawing: Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, learn how to seal a charcoal drawing to protect your artwork.

The Best Charcoal and Pastel Fixatives to Seal Drawings

Charcoal and soft pastel are naturally dusty mediums, read on to find the best charcoal and pastel fixative for your drawing practice.