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A set of nine vivid and luminous Gamblin professional oil paints.

A set of 7 Williamsburg oil paints perfect for beginners. 

Choose from 119 colours in Winsor & Newton’s rich and buttery range.

These synthetic flat brushes that are made to resist solvent are flexible and springy.

Sophisticated professional synthetic mongoose brushes that are perfect for oil and acrylic painting.

Designed for use with oil, the brushes have been made with the finest quality chungking hog hair.

This oil painting medium can be used to increase fluidity and sheen of oil paint, whilst reducing drying time.

This oil painting medium can be used to increase fluidity, transparency and gloss of the paint.

A sample set of six different Gamblin mediums, giving artists the opportunity to experiment.

Linseed oil is a medium that increases the fluidity of paint and makes colours workable for longer.

Walnut oil increases the transparency, flow, sheen and drying time of paint.

Choose from an array of archival quality canvases that are made to last.

These cradled plywood panels by Ampersand are made from premium quality basswood.

12 sheets of acid-free, cold-pressed, fine grain paper suitable for oil painting.

Use Liquitex Premium acrylic gesso to prepare surfaces for acrylic and oil paint. 

This glass palette is tempered for strength and safety. Use with oil or acrylic.

A set of eight stainless steel artists’ palette knives.

Squeeze every last bit of paint from the tube with this tube wringer.

Clean, condition and preserve brushes—this soap will remove the most stubborn dried paint.

This stainless steel brush washer is the perfect addition to keep your studio clean and free from solvent fumes.

This beautiful poplar and maple large pochade box is an easel and palette in one. It’s the perfect tool for plein air painting.

This tripod is specially made to fit the Richeson Pochade Box Easels.

This is a lightweight radial easel that folds into a tight, compact unit making it easy to store.

This incredible value tabletop easel by U.S. Art Supply can hold canvases up to 22″ high.

A practical addition to any artist’s studio, it holds canvases up to 77″, perfect for painters who like working on a large scale.

Mitchell Albala reveals practices and techniques for translating nature’s grandeur into colour, light and form on the artist’s canvas.

Brooker gives a unique perspective in her explanations of key practices like observation, rendering, colour mixing to help beginners master landscape oil painting.

Excellent handling and blending characteristics, with increased open-working time and intense colours.

Liquitex acrylic paints are available nine different sets. Each set provides a basic palette perfect for a student or professional artist.

The pigment load is high in this thick, buttery paint, so expect excellent coverage from each brush stroke. 

Not only will this acrylic medium make colours more glossy, it will improve the colour contrast, flow and transparency of paint.

Add the Liquitex Matte Medium to acrylic paint to create a matte finish. It dries transparent and non-reflective.

Considered to be the finest quality watercolour paint, Schmincke’s set of 24 colours are brilliantly intense.

 Each of the 48 colours has a maximum pigment load and uses specially selected Gum Arabic binding medium.

Expect to feel a high level of control over paint flow from these 36 colours.  The pigments have been chosen for their lightfast properties.

Arches cold-pressed watercolour paper has a natural grain and is made of 100% cotton fibres. The paper is acid-free and crafted so that it will resist warping. 

30 sheets of cold-pressed, textured watercolour paper. It has a durable surface at incredible value for the price. It’s suitable for multimedia use.

Made to Winsor & Newton’s quality standards at an economical price. Set of 16 half pans and 3 x 8ml tubes.

Sennelier’s luxury watercolour paints come in a set of 14 luminous colours. The box also contains a palette and brush, perfect for travel.

Soft, synthetic watercolour brushes that perform like sable. Each brush in this set of four has excellent colour holding properties and control.

A set of three soft synthetic brushes—they have high colour absorption properties to create unbroken lines across paper. Sizes of 0, 2 & 4 all hold their dagger points when wet.

A set of 120 professional quality water soluble pencils, beautifully kept in a wooden box. A brilliant gift for all types of creative people.

Professional quality water soluble pencils in a set of 80. These pencils have excellent lightfastness and covering ability.

Professional quality oil pencils. Easy to blend, these pencils have a buttery smooth feel. Only the finest pigments are used. Choose between a set of 12, 24, 36, 60 or 120.

Superior quality graphite drawing pencils in 4B, 6B and 8B. The leads are made from finely ground graphite bound in clay. 

A compact tin of high quality drawing tools. The set includes 3 charcoal pencils, 1 woodless graphite pencil, 4 charcoal sticks and 4 vine charcoals in a tin.

Pen style eraser helps with control and detail. Erase the smallest points from charcoal, pencil or oil pencil drawings without damaging paper.

Delivered in a vintage collector’s box, this sharpener is perfect for pencils sized 4 to 10 mm. It can sharpen pencils to a swordfish-like point.

Swiss solid metal sharpener that can be mounted on a desk. Designed to sharpen artists’ quality pencils to a point without breakage, it works with pencils between 4 and 10 mm thick.

20 sheets of ultra smooth, professional quality paper at 14 x 17″. Achieve ultra fine details, as the paper has no grain. It’s suited to working with ink pen, charcoal, oil pastel, mechanical drawing and airbrush.

60 watercolour pages bound in a hardback book. The paper is made from 135lb cold pressed paper. The sheets have even absorbency, suitable for watercolour media. The booklet contains a ribbon book marker, elastic closure and inner pocket.

Presented in a beautiful maple wood case, Schmincke’s 400 soft pastels contain a high concentration of the finest quality pigments. They contain no additives, which keeps the colours pure.

These pastels are unmatched in their softness and pigment content, resulting in brilliantly vivid colour applications. The pastels are made by hand and traditional machines to prevent breakage.

Unison pastels are handmade in the UK. They are rich, smooth and have intense colours. The pastels contain only the finest, pure pigments to create an outstanding array of hues. The blending ability of these pastels is unsurpassed.

120 oil pastels designed by Sennelier and Picasso. These are artist quality pastels that are usable on a variety of surfaces including paper and wood. The pastels are soft and pigmented, but harder than Schmincke and Unison.

24 x 30 cm sheets of PastelMat at 360 gsm thickness. It is perfect for use with oil pencil, charcoal and pastel. It’s coarse and thick, designed so that pastel adheres to sheets, making layering easier.

This hardboard panel has been coated with gesso and clay and finished with a marble dust to make it feel rough in texture—perfect for pastel adhesion. Choose from a selection of sizes and colours.

The perfect tool for a digital artist—the Wacom Cintiq tablet combines pen and display allowing you to seamlessly create artwork directly on the screen. This can be used with any software for digital art. 

Use it with any digital art, animation or photo editing software. The tablet connects wirelessly with your computer. The pen has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The tablet is compact and has a small footprint.

New iMac with 21.5-inch Retina 4k display, 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB. It’s packed with the latest processors and outstanding graphics. For digital artists, photographers and traditional artists, the retina display screen is one of the main pulls.

iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch screen, Wi-Fi and 256GB. The Liquid Retina display goes edge to edge, with true to life colours. Pair this with the Apple Pencil and Procreate App for the ultimate illustration toolkit.

Turn the iPad into your canvas with this precise and responsive stylus.   It’s compatible with iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation). Its seamless design makes it comfortable and natural to use.

A lightweight mirrorless camera by Canon that has 24.1 megapixels, delivering superb colour and fantastic details. Use it to take reference photos for art, fine art photography or photographing your work for print.

This is the best scanner for scanning artwork to a professional standard ready for print. It scans works at an A4 size in a resolution up to 4800spi. It’s compatible to use with a Mac.

This professional quality wide format inkjet printer will give you the ability to make archival giclée prints at home or out of your own studio. The printer has 10 pigment based ink cartridges, making colours appear rich. It prints up to A3 at a resolution of up to 4800 x 2400 dpi.

25 sheets of beautiful acid-free 310 g and made from pure white cotton. It has a matte premium inkjet coating, allowing you to achieve the best results when creating your giclée prints.