Art Tutorials: Free Painting and Drawing Lessons

Are you a complete beginner? Start working through our tutorials on how to pick a medium, find a style and get some easy painting ideas. If you already have a chosen medium, find art tutorials to suit to your skill level—from beginner to advanced.

Oil painting tutorials

Learn to paint with oils: from brand reviews and supplies guides, to an in depth look at some of the techniques and processes.

Acrylic painting tutorials

Learn acrylic painting from your home. An assortment of essential tutorials for aspiring and professional artists. From supplies guides, to step-by-step painting tutorials, work your way through and improve your skills.

Watercolour painting tutorials

These watercolour painting tutorials will help you to elevate your art skills—from the basic brushwork techniques to using mediums to change the properties of the paint. Also, find our brand reviews and step-by-step lessons to guide you on your watercolour journey.

More painting tutorials

We have an extensive collection of tutorials. With comprehensive guides on drawing, colour theory and plenty of demonstrations. Also find some business tips to help you on your way to selling your masterpieces.