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Best iPad Drawing Stand: A Review

In this review, find the best iPad drawing stand. From the cheap and simple, to stands that completely enhance your digital drawing experience.

Drawing or writing on your iPad at home and in the studio can sometimes feel awkward, with it balanced on your lap or flat on the table. The benefit of an iPad drawing stand is that it keeps your iPad sturdy so that you can draw on the display without worrying about it slipping. Another advantage is that working upright at an angle will give you a much better view of your artwork, rather than craning your neck over a table.

With that said, let’s get into the review of the best iPad drawing stand.

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Eletiuo Tablet Desktop Holder

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Compatibility: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad

Features: Adjustable, charging slot, Pencil slot, supports charging of Pencil

The Eletiuo Tablet Desktop Holder provides a seamless support for your iPad. The stand has a sleek bamboo design. The iPad doesn’t move around when using it, due to the anti-shake design with a grip for the iPad and a grip on the bottom of the board.

It is adjustable to 4 different angles so you can alter the angle depending on your workstation and set-up. It’s made from bamboo, which is sustainable and durable. The board feels comfortable to draw on, due to the hand rest and the smoothness of the bamboo.

The Eletiuo Tablet Desktop Holder also has a charging slot for your iPad. This is a great feature as it means you can keep on working without having to stop and charge your devices. The Pencil slot is also a handy addition, so you can keep your Apple Pencil close by and safe.

The only downside is that the angle doesn’t adjust to vertical, so if you want to use it as a viewing screen to watch TV, it might not be the most suitable option. However, for drawing and writing at your desk, it’s the perfect mounting board, and cheaper than others with similar design on the market.

For the price, this feels like a high end drawing stand and is a great option for those who want a sustainable and durable option that will last.

Elevation Lab Drawing Table

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Compatibility: All iPad versions up to 13″ with or without cases

Features: Adjustable, stable, folds flat, comes with armrest and Pencil stand, works with iPad in portrait or landscape

The Elevation Lab Drawing Table is a popular and sturdy support, that is compatible with all versions of iPad, from the iPad Pro to the iPad Mini. It’s made from steel and silicone, for rigidity and durability. The silicone holds the iPad in place, so it won’t budge while you’re drawing.

This is a great option for professional digital artists and beginners alike. It adjusts to angles between 6° and 45°, so you can find the perfect angle for your needs. The stand also folds flat, making it easy to transport and store. It comes with an armrest and a pencil stand, so you can keep everything within reach whilst you’re drawing.

Because the design of the stand is slim and lightweight, you can easily charge your iPad whilst working. It’s also compatible with the iPad in portrait or landscape mode.

The main downside of this stand is that it’s more expensive than some of the other options on this list. However, it’s a high quality and sturdy stand that will last you for years.

KU XIU Foldable Magnetic Stand

Buy KU XIU Foldable Magnetic Stand

Compatibility: iPad Pro, iPad Air

Features: Portable, adjustable to 360°, folds away, magnetic sleek design

The KU XIU Foldable Magnetic Stand is a great option if you’re looking for a portable and lightweight iPad stand. It’s made from aluminium alloy and rubber.

The sleek and modern design of the KU XIU stand would look great on any desk.

There are two different versions, one that accommodates a 12.9″ iPad Pro and one that will hold a 11″ iPad Pro, or iPad Air 5th and 4th generations. It rotates 360° and also folds 360°, so if you want a versatile stand that is suitable for drawing as well as watching films and video calls, this could be a great option. Work with your iPad in portrait or landscape mode, with it angled upright or near flat on the table.

This drawing stand is different to the regular iPad stand in that it is magnetic; it features 88 small magnets and a rubber backing for extra grip.

The drawback of this product is that it’s not suitable for use with an iPad case and it is on the expensive side compared to more basic stands.

Padded Spaces iPad Pillow

Buy Padded Spaces iPad Pillow

Compatibility: All tablets, laptops

Features: Portable, can be used on your lap or a table, adjustable to 75°

The Padded Spaces iPad Pillow is one of the most affordable laptop stands that allows you to work with your tablet comfortably on your lap. It’s suitable for all iPad models and generations and can be used on your lap or a table.

The stand will also fit a laptop, like the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, so you can use it with all your devices. This is the perfect stand for those who like to relax by doing some digital drawing on the sofa, the cushion is comfortable and the stand won’t budge whilst drawing.

Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand Holder

Buy Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand Holder

Compatibility: All tablets up to 13″

Features: Affordable, basic design, 4 adjustable angles from 25° to 75°

The Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand Holder is a great affordable option for artists who want a basic iPad drawing stand.

It has non slip grips at the base, so it will stay put on tables and desks. The stand is also lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you when travelling.

This iPad stand is compatible with all tablets up to 13″, including the iPad Pro and iPad Air. It has 4 different adjustable angles, from 25° to 75°.

The best iPad drawing stand overall

Each of the iPad drawing stands on this list has its own use cases. The Eletiuo Tablet Desktop Holder is the largest stand, which gives digital artists the feel of drawing at a drafting table or easel with their iPad. It’s a great option for the studio and a great option for pro artists. It has a Pencil holder and an armrest, so you can store your stylus and draw for hours without getting too much arm fatigue. These features make drawing with this iPad drawing stand more enjoyable.

The Elevation Lab Drawing Table is incredibly sturdy and is a popular option amongst professional artists. It comes with an art rest and Apple Pencil holder, so it was designed with digital artists in mind. This stand was designed for heavy use and it feels rock solid to draw on.

For the more casual digital artist, that enjoys drawing on the sofa in front of the TV, the Padded Spaces iPad Pillow is a must! You won’t have to face your iPad slipping off of your lap again. This is a cheaper option compared to many of the other laptop stands on the list.

The award for the sleekest design goes to the KU XIU Foldable Magnetic Stand. Despite the fact that it’s portable and lightweight, it is also incredibly sturdy.

For artists who want an iPad stand on a budget, the Parblo PR112 Drawing Tablet Stand Holder is a great option. It’s sturdy, however the design isn’t as sleek looking as some of the other stands on the list.

Have you decided on an iPad drawing stand?

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