Oil painting tutorials

Learn to oil paint

Learn to oil paint: oil painting is a wonderfully versatile medium that can be used with a variety of techniques. The benefit of oil paint is the vivid and lustrous results that can be achieved. In these tutorials, find guides on the best supplies, information about colour theory, tutorials on different techniques and how to put your knowledge to practice.

How to start oil painting

To start learning to oil paint as a beginner, first learn about the different supplies you need in this tutorial. To get an idea of how to get started with the medium, refer to our oil painting for beginners tutorial. If you want to further your skills and learn some more in depth knowledge, read up on colour theory, how to mix colour and how to paint realism.

Oil vs Acrylic vs Watercolour: How to Choose a Painting Medium

Oil vs acrylic vs watercolour. You may feel inspired to paint, but which medium should you choose to start?