Artist Spotlight: John A. Sargent III

Ohio based artist John Sargent III’s paintings are full of colour and light, that combines the beauty, peace and tranquility of nature, with a deep focus on the “absurdity of life and the inexhaustible creative possibilities of merging mastery and play”.

‘Some of the Parts’: oil on canvas

Primarily working with quality professional oils, John Sargent III favours using materials inclusive of traditional methods. Contrary to this, he has recently started using rust oleum latex, primarily in monochrome black and white. This has “offered an opportunity to reconsider [his] methods and so ‘vocabulary’ and creative process”.

Graduating from Ohio State University in 1988, John’s initial focus was “conceptual, inclusive of both a mastery of traditional painting materials but a considerable dedication to creative play, performance and sound”.

Over time, John has balanced professional courtesy for potential viewers: “it has occurred that my abilities are in service of the buyer and a community recognised as “community service for the willing.” This for practical as well as personal reasons has led to an effort to master classical and traditional techniques of drawing and painting.”

John’s advice for fellow artists: “Creativity can not be taught but getting out of the way of potential creativity can. As a teacher my mantras are: Form emerges out of the observation of light. Work simple to complex and large to small. Being an artist is a process and a privilege not a set of transactional conclusions.”

See John A. Sargent III’s artworks below!

‘Time Persists’: oil on canvas

‘Sail Away’: oil on canvas

Original Light Painting by John A Sargent Iii | Realism Art on Canvas | WAITING FOR NO ONE

‘Waiting for No one’ oil on canvas

Original Seascape Painting by John A Sargent Iii | Surrealism Art on Canvas | TRANSCENDING INDIFFERENCE

‘Transcending Indifference’ oil on canvas

Feature image: Transcending Indifference’ Oil Painting

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